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Okay, we have to say this upfront. Guineabears is not run by a group of genetically mutated, sentient bears.

That said, we are a couple of mummies, best-friends, female tag team that has evolved our online ecommerce business from a Baby and Mummy store to a Crystals and Gemstones store.

Why the change you might ask? We started our Baby and Mummy online store 5-6years ago because then we wanted to share the best baby products we have found with you. Few years down the road, our children have grown up and are attending school now. Its time we set aside some time for ourselves to explore our passion. 

Whats our passion? Crystals and Gemstones! We've admired and collected Crystals and Gemstones before our kids were born. Now our passion has brought us to the next chapter of our online journey.

Our crystals and gemstones are personally sourced worldwide; but not limited to the following countries Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, China, India, US, UK. We communicate with our suppliers via email and zoom to qualify our suppliers and ensure we build a sustainable partnership so that we get the best quality gemstones at an afforable price.

With mines yielding lesser and lesser gemstones, and shutting down as its not financially viable to continue mining anymore, prices fluctuate significantly. Not forgetting the Covid pandemic, 2+years later, the cost of air freight has not come down.  

As crystals and gemstones enthusiasts, we are excited to share our exquisite finds with you. We hope you will love our collections. Every piece in our eyes is a unique piece; no two pieces are identical. That's the beauty of mother nature. 

Lastly feel free to reach out to us (karen@guineabears.com) if you like our crystals and gemstones, even though its just a "Hi", we would love to hear from you. We will endeavor to answer all your questions.

Oh before we forget, we are from Singapore. So your packages are coming from the sunny garden city.

Guineabears Team


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